Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~Bella Baby for Busy Moms~

     "A mother's work is never done"...oh how true this is!  Even though I am a stay at home mom of only one child, I can never find enough time in the day to do everything I had intended.  The to-do lists just get longer and longer!  I really don't see how you busy moms of two and three kids keep it together!  I'll say it again, Lisa Perdue, you are my hero!  haha  (Lisa is one of my best friends..she is a mom of three, is always busy with college classes or little league, and is now the assistant principal at C.C.M.S.  Talk about BUSY!!!)   
     Anyway, enough bragging on Lisa, back to my point.)  As Bella Baby now enters month two of operation, I'm trying to find an easy and convenient way for you to purchase my products.  I wish I could just snap my fingers and add an extra room onto this tiny house.  I'd love to have my own little boutique right here, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.  So in the meantime, until I get a little more organized as to where I see this going, I would like to start offering "Bella Baby" parties.  (In the same manor as people have jewelry and home interior parties.)  I would bring all of my Bella products to your home for purchase that day/night, plus I would take orders on any of the products that I sell.  As a host, all you would have to do is invite as many people as you want! (I will still continue to have "open days" where you can come to my home and purchase/order products as well.)
      Keep in mind, Bella Baby has something to offer for almost everyone, so you don't have to be a mommy of a baby to host a party.   I have had as many older girls purchase the toggle and braided headbands as I have had moms buy bows and bloomers for their babies.  Plus now, I have cute tote bags that can be made to suit anyone, for any purpose.  So whether your a mom of a baby, little girl, or teenager, an aunt, a grandmother, or just someone that needs to buy cute gifts for a special girl, please contact me via email and we can set up your Bella Baby Party!  (Just for having me in your home you get a 4 inch bow or toggle headband of your choice!  Plus, discounts on other items, depending on your party order.) 
   Some other things that I have done for a couple of people and want to offer to everyone, are gift wrapping, monogramming, (by Cumberland Embroidery) and shipping of my products.  If you are like me, even though I am capable of doing something myself, to save me the hassle, I had just rather pay a little extra to have it taken care of.  That's why for only a $3 charge (plus the shipping/embroidery cost) I will take your item to be monogrammed or I will ship it straight to you!)  And as for gift wrapping, see my pictures and prices below.  Great for birthdays, baby showers, or any occasion!

Small Gift Bag:  $1  (perfect for a bow)
Medium Gift Bag:  $2 and $2.50  (perfect for headbands, bloomers, crochet beanies, and lots more!)
Large Gift Bag:  $3  (perfect for tutu)

   If you keep up with Bella Baby through my Face book page, you already know that it's been a slow week.  Isabella is teething and hasn't been her usual self, so I've spent most of my time doing just whatever she wants to do...whether it's sitting in the car pretending to drive, while eating Cheeze-its, (I know I spelled that wrong, Liza) and listening to Lady GaGa, or walking around outside in or pajamas at 11:00 at night.  I know you mommies matter how small or large the problem, we want to do whatever it takes to see that sweet smile.  (Even if her Daddy says we don't need to run the vehicle if we are just sitting in the driveway!  haha)

Here are a few products I did find time to work on..
Crochet Beanie:  $14
I can now get them in 5, 7, and 9 inch diameters, and any color! 
 I can either add a bow (on alligator or french clip) or weave a ribbon through.
I am also ordering mohair flowers to add to them...look for that soon!

So sweet...white crochet beanie with white bow.

NEW!  Ribbon headbands with bow of your choice!  $8  ($9 if you get a double layer bow)
I can also order these headbands in any color.

11x14 Fabric and Ribbon Bow Board:  $18
Can get any fabric...right now I have this same pattern in
light green, light yellow, and black. 
(Thank you, Penny!  I will have Kaylee's made soon!)

Ribbon Bow Holder in Pink Polk-a-Dot:  $10

American Girl Tutu:  $18
~For Miss Kennedy Jean~

And her bloomers for the beach!  She will be a doll baby!

In closing....

I want to say congratulations to a couple of special friends, and to my sister on their new jobs.  Look out CCMS, the class of 96' is taking over!  haha  Congrats Lisa and Nathalie on becoming the assistant principal and librarian at the middle school.  Also, congrats to my sister, Liza, who is now the director of The Cumberland County Library!  I know she will have great things in store for the future of the library.  Isabella and I are so proud of you!  I'm sure the red wagon will venture that way often.  :)

Coming soon...
New colors for bows including red, orange, yellow, royal blue, light blue, and brown.  Plus headbands and beanies with embellished flowers!  

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

~Beanies, Bags, and Bows...Oh My!~

   As many of you know, the idea for Bella Baby began with a tutu and a couple of bows. But as I continue to search the Internet and shop on-line, I find more and more cute ideas for products.   If it can be made using a bow and a hot glue gun, I'm in!  (I soooo wish I could sew...then I would be making those cute baby leg warmers out of women's socks, like Amanda suggested to me.  Maybe later....)  Anyway, here's a look at a couple of new things I'm trying. 

Bella Crochet Beanies

     I wasn't sure how well I would like these when I ordered them, but I think they are absolutely adorable!  You be the judge!  They would look cute on a little girl of any age, but of course I had to try one on Isabella, just to get an idea of what they were going to look like.  :) 

I can get them in almost any color, in both 5 inch and 7 inch diameters.  Plus, you pick the bow that you want to go with it!  That way, you are really getting two products in one!  She could wear the bow alone, or on her beanie.  They are perfect year round!

Brown Beanie with Aqua Bow:  $14

Another look for the brown....

Hot Pink Beanie with Pink Bow:  $14

I just LOVE these!  Can't wait to order new colors.  They will be perfect for Fall!

Bella Tote Bags

If you are like me, one bag is just not enough!  It seems that no matter how organized I try to be, there's never enough room in Isabella's diaper bag, especially now that I'm packing her babies and favorite toys everywhere we go.  So whether you need a bag for the "extra" stuff for your little one, or just something small that you can throw a few of her things, plus your wallet, keys, etc. into, or a small, easy to carry bag for yourself, this bag is perfect!  (sorry for the over use of commas...remember, I'm not a writer.)
Right now, I have 3 colors:  hot pink, lime green, and turquoise.  (The colors look brighter than they actually are, especially the hot pink.  It looks almost red in the picture, but it's not at all.  Also, the turquoise looks more blue in the picture.  It's really a true turquoise in person.) 
 One great thing about this bag is you choose the colors for the bows!  Plus, I'm giving you the option of either having the bows permanently attached or I could put them on french clips so that you can take them off and use in her hair.  Very versatile! 

Hot Pink Tote with Pink Polk-a-Dot Bows:  $14-$18
(cost depends on type of bow and how you choose to attach)
This would look so cute with her name or initials monogrammed in pink!

Lime Green Tote with Pink Bows
(Again, imagine how cute with pink monogramming!)

This turquoise bag could be carried by a mommy of a little girl or boy!  I wanted to show you some options you have for the bows....I especially LOVE this with the brown or zebra print!  Bows could be made in black 1 1/2 inch ribbon with zebra print in middle of bow, then black monogram- 
 OR-brown and leopard print bows with brown monogram....just a suggestion.

Lime Green Tote...again, perfect for a mommy of a little boy or girl!

And again, hot pink...guess this one screams girl!  But still, so cute with fun prints!  I think this would be adorable with hot pink 1 1/2 inch bow with leopard print in the middle...then you could monogram her name in brown. 

You don't have to be a mommy to carry this bag...cute for all ages! 
All it needs now is your or baby's name/initials monogrammed in black!

New Colors for Bows...
Aqua is the perfect color for summer.
Get ready to cheer on the CATS this fall with blue and white!
(I also just ordered classic colors that are hard to find in, red, brown, orange, yellow, royal blue, and light blue in both 1 1/2 inch and 7/8 inch ribbon.  Look for those pics soon!)

New~Seaside Princess Tutu:  $22
This could be my favorite tutu yet! She is sure to feel like a real princess in this one!  (The price is slightly higher than the other tutus because if you can't tell from the picture, the tulle is called glimmer shines and sparkles all over!)

Another one of my favorites...Brown Eyed Girl Tutu:  $18

Just in case you missed these last week....

      It won't be long untill Panther basketball season!  Little girls, big girls, and moms can all support the Green in bows and toggle headbands! 
As you saw earlier, I will be making lots more school colored bows... including blue,white, and maroon for Metcalfe Co. (which you can find at Styles Salon in Marrowbone), and your classic blue and white for the Cats, or team of your choice!)

    Well, I guess that's all for now.  Next week I hope to have details of how you can host a Bella Baby party, plus plenty of pictures of new bows and headbands!  On a side note, be sure to click on the pictures to get a bigger view.  Also, check out my previous two blogs to read/see pictures of other products that I offer such as bow holders and bloomers.  I hope to start offering gift wrapping very soon as well, so stay tuned....

    If you read my sister's blog (and I hope you do, because she puts this one to shame!) she always ends with a recipe.  Since I rarely cook anymore (Isabella's starting to think supper comes from a take out box! haha) I don't have a recipe to share, but instead I want to always try to end with a special picture.  This one is of my  youngest sister, Adrienne, and my daughter, Isabella ,doing some modeling for Bella Baby. 

 Adrienne, you are beautiful inside and out.  Isabella and I love you very much and are proud of all of your hard work you have put forth towards college. 
It won't be long that little ones will be looking up to "Miss Adrienne". 
You are going to be an excellent elementary teacher!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

~A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Bows~

     Before I started Bella Baby a few weeks ago, I would typically put either a white or pink bow on Isabella, but now she is wearing every color imaginable!  (At least one good thing about doing this is I never have to buy a bow again.  Instead of always resorting to that same white bow, my choices are endless!) And yours can be too!  All little girls need a bow for every outfit! 
    One of my favorite parts of this adventure is hearing from you.  I am having so much fun making bows, tutus, and bloomers that suit your special little one.  I love getting requests for certain colors, styles, etc., so keep them coming!  I know Mollie, Anne-Kelly, Faith, Lexi, and Gracie will look adorable in their new "Bella Baby"! 
    Here are a few pictures of my recent projects.  As always, you can contact me at if you are interested in purchasing or ordering anything from Bella Baby.

"Daddy's Girl", "Lil Sister", "Mommy's Girl", and "Big Sister" bows
and toggle headbands to match. 
(Of course, each could be worn separately as well.)
Bows:  $6
Toggles:  $3.50-plain/ $4.00 printed

A closer look....

"Berry Cool" braided headband and an attached
bow to match!  (Thanks, Brittany for this cute idea!)
Braided Headbands:  $8
5 inch bow:  $5

Bright colors for summer!
$3.00- $5.00
(I love Anne-Kelly's yellow and white bow!)

Lavender 5 inch bow:  $5

Prints, stripes, and cute!
$3.00 - $5.00

Smaller bows in all colors and styles!
$2.00 - $3.50

You can't go wrong with pink and white.... 
(Probably still my favorite on my Bella Baby!)

I love this one..."Mommy's Girl" set.
bow:  $6
crochet headband:  $3

New: Cumberland County Colors!
(For older girls, toggle headbands can be worn alone.)

She'll look so sophisticated in her black and white. 
(Inspired by Mollie and her black bow!)

More examples of toggle headbands...
no age limit on these! 

NEW!  Brown-Eyed Girl Tutu
(Look how cute with matching bows...makes a perfect gift!)

Miss Priss tutu with bloomers to match!
tutu:  $18
bloomers:  $14

Lexi will be a doll in her brown and pink bloomers!

Erin's picture board to match the colors of her room.
11x14 picture or bow board:  $18
(I also have 8x10 for $14)

Bow holders:  $10
or $12 with iron on monogram

And last but not least, Faith and her Mommy will be
pretty in pink in their "Bella Baby!"
Thank you, Tiffany.  :)

     Once again, I hope you have seen something that you like.  Remember, I can make any size or color of bow, toggle headband, braided headband, crochet headband, tutu, bloomers, bow board, or bow holder that you want.  If this is the first time visiting my blog, you might want to make sure you read the previous one to learn more about some of my other products....especially if you're interested in the tutus.

    I'll leave you now with a couple of pictures of my sweet girl on her first birthday.  It was a fantastic weekend filled with lots of fun!  Thank you to my wonderful family that helped make Isabella's birthday so special. 
 Mommy loves you, Isabella Kurtys.

And yes, of course her bows and bloomers are "Bella Baby!"  And thanks to Heather Capps, she looked adorable in her birthday dress. 
(Thank you, Heather...wish I was as talented as you!) 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

~Every Baby needs a little "Bella Baby"~

     I knew it was too good to be true...I was so proud of myself for actually setting up a blog, and now I can't find my first post.  I see one picture and can read the intro, but what about the rest???  Why is it saying Bella Baby page can not be found???  Grrrr...  Okay, so I guess I'll try this again.  Maybe this one will be even better than the first! ha ha
     Let me first say that this will not be your typical blog.  I am not a writer, as you will see.  I just needed a way that I could advertise my Bella Baby products to people other than my Facebook friends.  As many of you may know, I'm trying my hand at (as my sister called it), a small scale children's boutique.  I don't think this would actually qualify as a boutique, but nonetheless, I am making hair bows, headbands, tutus, bow holders and boards, and other cute things for girls of all ages!  I've posted a few pictures of some of the things I've made so far.  I hope that you find something you like for your "Bella Baby!"

Bows  $2-$6
(These are just a few examples...I have LOTS more and can
make any size/color you want.)

Braided Headbands $8
(Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Crush, Love Spell, Sherbet Swirl, Bahama Breeze)

Toggle Headbands 
$3.50 plain ribbon/ $4 printed ribbon
(I have more styles of these as well.  They are perfect for girls of all ages!  Little ones
can attach a bow to the side for a different look.)

Crochet Headbands  $3
(I can get in any color you like.)

"Little Sister" set

Toggle Headband with Bow
(Could be worn together or each piece could be worn
alone.  OR Mom could wear toggle and daughter the
bow.  So versatile!)

Mommy and Me set

4th of July Bows and toggles
(You can find these at Styles Salon in Marrowbone.)

Mix and match crochet headband with bows

Bow Board
8x10:  $14
11x14:  $18
(Older girls can use these as picture boards.  I can use any
color/style ribbon to match to the color of her room.)

Bow Holder
Plain  $10
With iron on monogram  $12

Bloomers with bows  $14
(Velcro bows so that they can come off before being washed!)
(Bows can be made in any color; does not include monogram)

Isabella is wearing a 5 inch bow and
Adrienne is wearing a toggle headband.

"Daddy's Girl" bow and crochet headband
"Berry Cool" braided headband

These cool summer colors look perfect
with Isabella's ice cream dress!

Bella Baby Classic Tutu  $18

"Bella" of the Ball Tutu  $18
(I have 10 different colors....each with their own name.
  However, I will make you any color you like if you don't see what you are looking for.)

     As of now, I am selling Bella Baby out of my home. (As you noticed earlier, I have a few 4th of July bows in Styles Salon and will probably continue to add new items each week.  Thank you so much, Maria!)  I hope to do some parties (in the same manor as people have jewelry, home and garden, etc.) if I see that anyone is interested.  If you see anything you like, would like to special order, or would simply like to
come by to browse my products, you can email me at   My goal in starting Bella Baby is to be able to offer you boutique like items at about half the cost. 
      Whether it's for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or friend, Bella Baby is the perfect way to show them how special they are!  These products also make wonderful gifts for a new baby, birthday, or special occasion.  As a matter of fact, I got the idea for Bella Baby from one of my favorite gifts that Isabella was given when she was born.  It was a beautiful light pink tutu with a sheer emerald green ribbon.  I absolutely LOVED it!  What a wonderful way to welcome a new little girl into this world.  Thank you, Caroline, for my inspiration piece.  I know Isabella will be wearing her tutu and feeling like a princess for a long time.
      In closing, I want to share with you the names/colors of the tutus I've designed so far.  I have given each one a unique name that has a special meaning in my heart.  (Remember if you don't see the color you are looking for, just ask, and I'll be happy to make it for you.)

Bella Baby Classic:  white tulle with light pink ribbon

Tiny Dancer:  white tulle with white ribbon  (I love that song...I listened to it all the
                     time while pregnant with my sweet girl.)

You Are My Sunshine:  light yellow tulle with white ribbon

Sweet Pea:  light pink tulle with mint green ribbon

"Bella" of the Ball:  lavender tulle with light pink ribbon

Miss Priss:  shocking pink tulle with pink ribbon

aDORAble:  shocking pink tulle with purple ribbon

Pretty in Pink:  light pink tulle with hot pink ribbon

Seaside Princess:  aqua (glimmer) tulle with either white or mint green ribbon

Brown-Eyed Girl:  dark brown tulle with pink ribbon

Happy 1st Birthday to my little "Tiny Dancer"tomorrow, July 2! 

   I would like to thank everyone that has purchased Bella Baby products so far.  I hope that you are satisfied, but if you aren't, I will refund your money or exchange your product.  I am here to serve you, so please let me know what products you might like to see offered, or what I can do to make improvements.  (I will be ordering new ribbon often, so let me know what colors you are interested in.  Panther colors and zebra print should be arriving any day!) I hope to add new products and information weekly to this blog, so stay tuned to see what Bella Baby has to offer next!