Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~Introducing...Bella Baby Binky Clips!~'s been a busy couple of weeks.  Seems I've gotten behind on everything, including my blog.  I know you have been sitting on the edge of your seat, just waiting to see what's next!  haha    If you keep up with Bella Baby through Facebook, then none of this will be new to you, but I wanted to share with others what I've been working on. 
     My first new project, as you probably guessed from the title, is a pacifier clip.  After getting a request from a friend to do something for little boys, I researched different things that I could do, and found that these were right up my ally (meaning, no sewing required!)  I think they are so cute, for both baby boys and girls!  You can get them with a monogrammed clip, a bow at the top, and even Mam holder.  You will see in the picture below a few I've done already.  I'd be happy to make one using any color ribbon, bow, or monogrammed button you like.  You will also see that I have used two different types of clips.  Both hold well and have plastic teeth so that it won't damage your baby's clothing.

Bella Binky Clips for Girls:
($2 extra for Mam holder at top...not pictured)

And, finally something for baby boys!

Monogrammed Binky Clip
So cute!  Makes a perfect gift.

The pacifier stays in place between Velcro at the top.

     Next project....Bella Baby Preppy Ribbon Belt.  I only have a couple finished so far, but they turned out great!  I will be making lots more, once I get more printed ribbon and fasteners.  These would look cute in solid fabric as well.  Just tell me your color and size, and I'll make it for you!  Can't wait to make Katie's green and white panther paw belt!  Zebra print, leopard print, and all sorts of stripes coming soon!

Solid Belts:  $8
Printed Belts:  $10
Red and pink belt has 29 inch waist.  Brown and aqua belt has 32 inch waist.

     Well, that's it for new projects, but what I'd like to do now is show you everything that Bella Baby has to offer.  Business is picking up little by little every day, and I want to make sure that those of you who do not follow me on Facebook see what's available!  I also want to thank all of you that have purchased Bella Baby so far.  I love getting requests for bow boards, ribbon holders, pageant bows, braided headbands, bloomers, etc.!  I am having so much fun creating these things specifically for your special little person!  (Sorry for repeating information and pictures to those of you that have already seen this.) 

4 and 5 inch bows with crochet headbands to match
Headbands:  $3
Bows:  $4-$5
This is just a small sample of bows...I can make any size and color.  I have tiny 2 inch bows for newborns, and 5 and 6  inch double and triple stacked bows for older girls).
LOTS of new colors for FALL coming soon!

3 and 4 inch bows

Lil Sister, Big Sister, Mommy's Girl, and Daddy's Girl bows

Double layer stacked bow using requested colors to match a little girls birthday outfit.

Maggie's triple stacked pageant bow to match her beautiful
lime green and pink polk-a-dot dress.

Toggle headbands:  $4
Perfect for girls of any age!

Get ready to cheer on your team this Fall with school spirit bows and toggles!!!

Ribbon Headband with bow of your choice:   $8
(Just ordered chocolate brown headbands for Fall!)

Newborn Headband:   $3 
Mohair Flower clip:  $3
(Can also get either of these in any color)
Thought the mohair flower clip was cute, but of course a bow could be attached as well.

Kentucky Girl Braided Headband:  $8

Chocolate Brown Headband for Carley Jo
(These headbands can be made in any color!)

Gold Braided Headband:  $10
(I tried this upon request, and really thought it turned out great!)

Addison's Zebra Print Ribbon Bow Holder
(Won't she be a stylin' 2 year old!)
Solid Ribbon Bow Holder:  $10
Printed Bow Holder:  $12

Kaylee's Bow/Picture Holder to match her room.
11x14:  $18

8x10 Bow Holder:  $14

Bloomers:  $14
(Does not include monogramming)

Seaside Princess Tutu:  $22
(I have 10 different ones in beautiful colors and special names any little girl is sure to love.  Check them out in a previous blog.  All other tutus are $18.  This one is $22 because it is made with glimmer tulle.  It sparkles all over!)

American Girl Tutu for Kennedy

Bella Tote Bag with bows:  $10
This bag is hot pink, not red.  I also have lime green and turquoise. 
I can add any color of bow.
(Monogramming is by Cumberland Embroidery and is not included in price.)

Last but not least, my favorite item for the Fall!
Bella Crochet Beanies:  $14
(Comes with 4 or 5 inch bow or mohair flower on choose color!)
I also have black beanies now, but can order any color.  I'll also be getting
more colors of the flowers very soon.

So cute on babies with no hair!

AND on little girls with lots of curls!!!

      I'd like to end by saying a special thanks to Freda Crawford for hosting my fist Bella Baby Party last night.  Her daughter, Summer is now selling Premier Jewelry, so she invited me to bring out my Bella items to display along with Summer's jewelry.  It was lots of fun!  Thanks to all of you for your purchases. 

     Look for new items and colors for Fall soon!  Right now, you can purchase a few bows and headbands at Mainstreet 210 (next to Houchens in Burkesville) and at Styles Salon in Marrowbone.  Of course, you can always contact me if you are interested in placing an order or would like to come and see what I have in person.  I will probably do another "open house" very soon as well. 

     To conclude, I wanted to share are a few pictures from my 32nd birthday party. Thank you Liza for the beautiful cake, and for having all of us in your home.  It was a perfect evening of celebration with the best family an old woman could ask for! haha  
 Love you all.

Looks like Sweetheart Bakery made this cake, doesn't it!?
Nope, none other than Liza Turner herself.

Beautiful flowers from TJ and Isabella, and homemade bread and butter
pickles from Liza.  Look at that stitching...maybe she could give me lessons.  :)

Nonna and Aunt Granna showing Isabella some pictures of
her baby cousin Karson. 

And finally, the pride and joy of my life, helping me blow out a candle.
I have a feeling birthdays are just going to get better and better from here on out!