Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Matter if You're Shopping For Back to School, New Baby, or Beauty Pageant....Bella Baby is sure to have what you are looking for!

Just wanted to share a few of my latest products....   Keep in mind that just because you don't see a certain color or size, doesn't mean I don't have it available.  Please email me at for more info on products as well as pricing.  I am happy to ship to your home (you pay shipping...usually no more than $3.)

Most bows are from $4-$8

Crochet headbands:$3

This fits newborn - 1 year old

Tiny 2 inch bows

This headband, plus the ones below will fit toddler to adult.

Large double silk ribbon bow is perfect for dressing up...whether it's for church, wedding, or beauty pageant.

These crochet bands are perfect size for newborn.

These tiny korker clips were made for a newborn....I can make larger ones too.

Fits newborn to 12 months.

I have crochet beanies in 5 inch and 7 inch diameters.  (Add bow or flower to get the perfect look!)

I have lots of other colors of tutus available.

Bella Baby Americana....perfect any day of the year! 

Narrow headbands fit most 1 year olds to adults. 
Ribbon strip has been added in middle so bow will clip on easily.

I made this rosette cupcake bib, plus the following t-shirt for my daughter's second birthday. 

So cute, year round!  Choose color of t-shirt, fabric for rosettes, and #
to create a unique look that is all her own!

Made especially for the Cumberland Queens!
 Let me know your sport and colors, and your team can look just as cute!

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog.  My goal is to make boutique like products at half the cost for you!  I am very happy to make these things available for the people in my small hometown, but would also love to branch out to other areas.  Please share this with anyone you think might be interested.  :)

     My sweet inspiration for Bella Baby....

Happy Birthday to my big girl that just turned 2!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bella Baby is Back!

Well, it's been a while since my last entry, but after taking nearly all day to finish this one, I now know why I haven't done one in a while!  I apologize in advance for mistakes in spelling, grammar, mismatched fonts and text size, etc.  And I realize some of these pictures are out of order, but I am about worn out with cutting, pasting, and re-arranging!  Have I mentioned before that I am not a writer!???  Well I am not a computer genius either.  This may be my last entry...PERIOD.  :) 

Let me start by saying a sincere THANK YOU to my loyal customers here in Burkesville!  I appreciate you allowing me to make bows, headbands, tutus, baby shower gifts, etc. for your sweet children.  It is my pleasure to make whatever you have in mind.  If I don't have the supplies or color of ribbon you are needing, I will try and get it. 

Having said that though, I would like to expand Bella Baby so that I can reach new customers.  I actually thought about selling my things on E-bay or Etsy, but after researching this, I found that there are already so many of these types of things out there.  Plus, I think it would be a lot more computer/paper work than I am ready to handle right now.  As most of you know, I have a 19 month old that keeps me very, very busy.  So I don't think she or I would be ready for such a task! 

Right now, my only source of advertisement is through Facebook.  I have things on my personal page that my friends can see, but I also have a group page titled Bella Baby that anyone can view.  I too, have a few things at a local business here in Burkesville called "It's All About Kids" (a children's and teen's, consignment store).  If you haven't checked it out yet, you should!  CUTE, CUTE, stuff! 

 So, what I'm asking of you, Facebook friends, is to share this link with YOUR Facebook friends, or send by email to anyone that you think might be interested.  I have had a few out of town orders lately, and have been successful in mailing exactly what they requested.  So why order from me rather than go to your local boutique??  PRICE, PRICE, PRICE!  Most of my things are at least half the cost of what you would find in any specialty shop.  I experienced this first hand when I began buying $8-$12 bows and crochet headbands for my own baby.  I soon figured there had to be a better way!  So not only do I now make Isabella's bows, headbands, beanies, bib clips, tutus, or other accessories, I make them for your Bella Baby as well!

  So now, for my products...which like I mentioned earlier, are in no particular order.  I have posted pics of only a few of the hundreds of items I have made.  Remember, I can make/order any color/style of what you are wanting.  All you have to do is ask.  If you would like to see other pictures (especially of the other tutus), please go back and read my previous entries. 

Braided Headbands: $10 (fit little girls to adults.)

Large Flower Headband:  $10

Flower can be attached to any style of headband.
This one will fit 1 year old and up.  I also have small
bands to fit a newborn. 

Flat Bow Headband: $8  (available in black, white, off white, and chocolate brown.)
Toggle Headbands:  $5
(perfect for toddlers to adults; lots of colors and styles!)

Ribbon Headbands:  $5  (perfect for adding bows or flowers on clips)

Crochet Headbands: $3

Cotton Headbands:  $4

Cute Headbands for SPRING! 

One of 8 Bella Baby Tutus:
Sweet Pea:  $18

Bloomers: $14  (Can be made using any ribbon)
(Monogramming by Cumberland Embroidery)

Bella Baby Beanies:  $14 (with your choice of mohair flower clip or 4 inch bow)
(5 inch and 7 inch diameters available)

Beanie with Big Flower:  $18

Perfect for toddlers....

new baby....

or little girls! 

Many colors available, not just these. 

Bow Boards in ribbon colors and patterns of your choice!
$14 for 8x10

$18 for 11x14

Ribbon Bow Holders:  $10-$12

Daisy Headbands:  $10

Every little girl loves Minnie Mouse!

Specially made for Anna's Birthday.

Bella Baby Tote Bags:  $10

Have it monogrammed and add a matching paci clip for the perfect gift!

                 Introducing:  Bella Baby Bib Clips!

Never pack another bib again!  Throw this in your diaper bag and you are ready to go!  Perfect for restaurant napkins, paper towels, cloth diaper, or hand towel.  Just use whatever you have handy to attach to the clips. 

This is too large for Isabella, but you get the idea.  Attach mohair flowers on clips to ribbon headband and you can have so many different looks. 

Cute for all ages!

Elastic headband with single flower:  $6
(Can make any color combination.  These fit most 1 year olds to adult).

Mohair flower clips: $4 or 2 for $7.
So versatile!

Daisy flower clips:  $6-$7
Ribbon Belts:  ON SALE!!  $5
Cute matching sets for baby and adult!

These accessories can spice up any plain outfit!

Colors of mohair flower clips I have on hand now, but can get most any color. 

A Little Something Different...

I have 8 Bella Baby tutus that I started out with, each with its own unique name in classic colors such as pink, white, lavender, and hot pink.  But I have had lots of requests for specific styles.  Here are a few examples...

                    Bows, Bows, and more Bows!

I have made lots of different colors and styles of bows, and can't possibly post pictures of them all, but here are a few.  I can make any size bow, using either 7/8 inch ribbon or 1 1/2 inch ribbon.  I make mostly single and double layer bows, but have made a few triple layer upon request for pageants and holidays. 


Bella Baby Binky Clips

For baby girls....

and baby boys.
For just a little extra, I will have your Bella Baby gift wrapped and ready to go!
No hassle for a last minute baby shower!

One of the tutus that started it all:
Pretty in Pink:  $18

And the baby that started it inspiration for Bella Baby, Isabella Kurtys. 

Mommy loves you, Isabella.  Thank you for being the sweetest, funniest, smartest, most loving little girl I know. 
(I guess I am a little biased, though)  :)