Tuesday, July 13, 2010

~Beanies, Bags, and Bows...Oh My!~

   As many of you know, the idea for Bella Baby began with a tutu and a couple of bows. But as I continue to search the Internet and shop on-line, I find more and more cute ideas for products.   If it can be made using a bow and a hot glue gun, I'm in!  (I soooo wish I could sew...then I would be making those cute baby leg warmers out of women's socks, like Amanda suggested to me.  Maybe later....)  Anyway, here's a look at a couple of new things I'm trying. 

Bella Crochet Beanies

     I wasn't sure how well I would like these when I ordered them, but I think they are absolutely adorable!  You be the judge!  They would look cute on a little girl of any age, but of course I had to try one on Isabella, just to get an idea of what they were going to look like.  :) 

I can get them in almost any color, in both 5 inch and 7 inch diameters.  Plus, you pick the bow that you want to go with it!  That way, you are really getting two products in one!  She could wear the bow alone, or on her beanie.  They are perfect year round!

Brown Beanie with Aqua Bow:  $14

Another look for the brown....

Hot Pink Beanie with Pink Bow:  $14

I just LOVE these!  Can't wait to order new colors.  They will be perfect for Fall!

Bella Tote Bags

If you are like me, one bag is just not enough!  It seems that no matter how organized I try to be, there's never enough room in Isabella's diaper bag, especially now that I'm packing her babies and favorite toys everywhere we go.  So whether you need a bag for the "extra" stuff for your little one, or just something small that you can throw a few of her things, plus your wallet, keys, etc. into, or a small, easy to carry bag for yourself, this bag is perfect!  (sorry for the over use of commas...remember, I'm not a writer.)
Right now, I have 3 colors:  hot pink, lime green, and turquoise.  (The colors look brighter than they actually are, especially the hot pink.  It looks almost red in the picture, but it's not at all.  Also, the turquoise looks more blue in the picture.  It's really a true turquoise in person.) 
 One great thing about this bag is you choose the colors for the bows!  Plus, I'm giving you the option of either having the bows permanently attached or I could put them on french clips so that you can take them off and use in her hair.  Very versatile! 

Hot Pink Tote with Pink Polk-a-Dot Bows:  $14-$18
(cost depends on type of bow and how you choose to attach)
This would look so cute with her name or initials monogrammed in pink!

Lime Green Tote with Pink Bows
(Again, imagine how cute with pink monogramming!)

This turquoise bag could be carried by a mommy of a little girl or boy!  I wanted to show you some options you have for the bows....I especially LOVE this with the brown or zebra print!  Bows could be made in black 1 1/2 inch ribbon with zebra print in middle of bow, then black monogram- 
 OR-brown and leopard print bows with brown monogram....just a suggestion.

Lime Green Tote...again, perfect for a mommy of a little boy or girl!

And again, hot pink...guess this one screams girl!  But still, so cute with fun prints!  I think this would be adorable with hot pink 1 1/2 inch bow with leopard print in the middle...then you could monogram her name in brown. 

You don't have to be a mommy to carry this bag...cute for all ages! 
All it needs now is your or baby's name/initials monogrammed in black!

New Colors for Bows...
Aqua is the perfect color for summer.
Get ready to cheer on the CATS this fall with blue and white!
(I also just ordered classic colors that are hard to find in stores....navy, red, brown, orange, yellow, royal blue, and light blue in both 1 1/2 inch and 7/8 inch ribbon.  Look for those pics soon!)

New~Seaside Princess Tutu:  $22
This could be my favorite tutu yet! She is sure to feel like a real princess in this one!  (The price is slightly higher than the other tutus because if you can't tell from the picture, the tulle is called glimmer tulle....it shines and sparkles all over!)

Another one of my favorites...Brown Eyed Girl Tutu:  $18

Just in case you missed these last week....

      It won't be long untill Panther basketball season!  Little girls, big girls, and moms can all support the Green in bows and toggle headbands! 
As you saw earlier, I will be making lots more school colored bows... including blue,white, and maroon for Metcalfe Co. (which you can find at Styles Salon in Marrowbone), and your classic blue and white for the Cats, or team of your choice!)

    Well, I guess that's all for now.  Next week I hope to have details of how you can host a Bella Baby party, plus plenty of pictures of new bows and headbands!  On a side note, be sure to click on the pictures to get a bigger view.  Also, check out my previous two blogs to read/see pictures of other products that I offer such as bow holders and bloomers.  I hope to start offering gift wrapping very soon as well, so stay tuned....

    If you read my sister's blog (and I hope you do, because she puts this one to shame!) she always ends with a recipe.  Since I rarely cook anymore (Isabella's starting to think supper comes from a take out box! haha) I don't have a recipe to share, but instead I want to always try to end with a special picture.  This one is of my  youngest sister, Adrienne, and my daughter, Isabella ,doing some modeling for Bella Baby. 

 Adrienne, you are beautiful inside and out.  Isabella and I love you very much and are proud of all of your hard work you have put forth towards college. 
It won't be long that little ones will be looking up to "Miss Adrienne". 
You are going to be an excellent elementary teacher!

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  1. Great post, Leigh Ann. I wish I had a little girl to buy all of this stuff for! I absolutely love the beanies. It might be cute to weave a ribbon through them for older girls who don't want a bow.
    Love the picture of Addy and Bella, too.