Tuesday, July 6, 2010

~A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Bows~

     Before I started Bella Baby a few weeks ago, I would typically put either a white or pink bow on Isabella, but now she is wearing every color imaginable!  (At least one good thing about doing this is I never have to buy a bow again.  Instead of always resorting to that same white bow, my choices are endless!) And yours can be too!  All little girls need a bow for every outfit! 
    One of my favorite parts of this adventure is hearing from you.  I am having so much fun making bows, tutus, and bloomers that suit your special little one.  I love getting requests for certain colors, styles, etc., so keep them coming!  I know Mollie, Anne-Kelly, Faith, Lexi, and Gracie will look adorable in their new "Bella Baby"! 
    Here are a few pictures of my recent projects.  As always, you can contact me at
 l-atm@hotmail.com if you are interested in purchasing or ordering anything from Bella Baby.

"Daddy's Girl", "Lil Sister", "Mommy's Girl", and "Big Sister" bows
and toggle headbands to match. 
(Of course, each could be worn separately as well.)
Bows:  $6
Toggles:  $3.50-plain/ $4.00 printed

A closer look....

"Berry Cool" braided headband and an attached
bow to match!  (Thanks, Brittany for this cute idea!)
Braided Headbands:  $8
5 inch bow:  $5

Bright colors for summer!
$3.00- $5.00
(I love Anne-Kelly's yellow and white bow!)

Lavender 5 inch bow:  $5

Prints, stripes, and polk-a-dots....so cute!
$3.00 - $5.00

Smaller bows in all colors and styles!
$2.00 - $3.50

You can't go wrong with pink and white.... 
(Probably still my favorite on my Bella Baby!)

I love this one..."Mommy's Girl" set.
bow:  $6
crochet headband:  $3

New: Cumberland County Colors!
(For older girls, toggle headbands can be worn alone.)

She'll look so sophisticated in her black and white. 
(Inspired by Mollie and her black bow!)

More examples of toggle headbands...
no age limit on these! 

NEW!  Brown-Eyed Girl Tutu
(Look how cute with matching bows...makes a perfect gift!)

Miss Priss tutu with bloomers to match!
tutu:  $18
bloomers:  $14

Lexi will be a doll in her brown and pink bloomers!

Erin's picture board to match the colors of her room.
11x14 picture or bow board:  $18
(I also have 8x10 for $14)

Bow holders:  $10
or $12 with iron on monogram

And last but not least, Faith and her Mommy will be
pretty in pink in their "Bella Baby!"
Thank you, Tiffany.  :)

     Once again, I hope you have seen something that you like.  Remember, I can make any size or color of bow, toggle headband, braided headband, crochet headband, tutu, bloomers, bow board, or bow holder that you want.  If this is the first time visiting my blog, you might want to make sure you read the previous one to learn more about some of my other products....especially if you're interested in the tutus.

    I'll leave you now with a couple of pictures of my sweet girl on her first birthday.  It was a fantastic weekend filled with lots of fun!  Thank you to my wonderful family that helped make Isabella's birthday so special. 
 Mommy loves you, Isabella Kurtys.

And yes, of course her bows and bloomers are "Bella Baby!"  And thanks to Heather Capps, she looked adorable in her birthday dress. 
(Thank you, Heather...wish I was as talented as you!) 

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  1. Love the black and white bands/bows and the brown-eyed girl tutu!