Thursday, July 1, 2010

~Every Baby needs a little "Bella Baby"~

     I knew it was too good to be true...I was so proud of myself for actually setting up a blog, and now I can't find my first post.  I see one picture and can read the intro, but what about the rest???  Why is it saying Bella Baby page can not be found???  Grrrr...  Okay, so I guess I'll try this again.  Maybe this one will be even better than the first! ha ha
     Let me first say that this will not be your typical blog.  I am not a writer, as you will see.  I just needed a way that I could advertise my Bella Baby products to people other than my Facebook friends.  As many of you may know, I'm trying my hand at (as my sister called it), a small scale children's boutique.  I don't think this would actually qualify as a boutique, but nonetheless, I am making hair bows, headbands, tutus, bow holders and boards, and other cute things for girls of all ages!  I've posted a few pictures of some of the things I've made so far.  I hope that you find something you like for your "Bella Baby!"

Bows  $2-$6
(These are just a few examples...I have LOTS more and can
make any size/color you want.)

Braided Headbands $8
(Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Crush, Love Spell, Sherbet Swirl, Bahama Breeze)

Toggle Headbands 
$3.50 plain ribbon/ $4 printed ribbon
(I have more styles of these as well.  They are perfect for girls of all ages!  Little ones
can attach a bow to the side for a different look.)

Crochet Headbands  $3
(I can get in any color you like.)

"Little Sister" set

Toggle Headband with Bow
(Could be worn together or each piece could be worn
alone.  OR Mom could wear toggle and daughter the
bow.  So versatile!)

Mommy and Me set

4th of July Bows and toggles
(You can find these at Styles Salon in Marrowbone.)

Mix and match crochet headband with bows

Bow Board
8x10:  $14
11x14:  $18
(Older girls can use these as picture boards.  I can use any
color/style ribbon to match to the color of her room.)

Bow Holder
Plain  $10
With iron on monogram  $12

Bloomers with bows  $14
(Velcro bows so that they can come off before being washed!)
(Bows can be made in any color; does not include monogram)

Isabella is wearing a 5 inch bow and
Adrienne is wearing a toggle headband.

"Daddy's Girl" bow and crochet headband
"Berry Cool" braided headband

These cool summer colors look perfect
with Isabella's ice cream dress!

Bella Baby Classic Tutu  $18

"Bella" of the Ball Tutu  $18
(I have 10 different colors....each with their own name.
  However, I will make you any color you like if you don't see what you are looking for.)

     As of now, I am selling Bella Baby out of my home. (As you noticed earlier, I have a few 4th of July bows in Styles Salon and will probably continue to add new items each week.  Thank you so much, Maria!)  I hope to do some parties (in the same manor as people have jewelry, home and garden, etc.) if I see that anyone is interested.  If you see anything you like, would like to special order, or would simply like to
come by to browse my products, you can email me at   My goal in starting Bella Baby is to be able to offer you boutique like items at about half the cost. 
      Whether it's for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or friend, Bella Baby is the perfect way to show them how special they are!  These products also make wonderful gifts for a new baby, birthday, or special occasion.  As a matter of fact, I got the idea for Bella Baby from one of my favorite gifts that Isabella was given when she was born.  It was a beautiful light pink tutu with a sheer emerald green ribbon.  I absolutely LOVED it!  What a wonderful way to welcome a new little girl into this world.  Thank you, Caroline, for my inspiration piece.  I know Isabella will be wearing her tutu and feeling like a princess for a long time.
      In closing, I want to share with you the names/colors of the tutus I've designed so far.  I have given each one a unique name that has a special meaning in my heart.  (Remember if you don't see the color you are looking for, just ask, and I'll be happy to make it for you.)

Bella Baby Classic:  white tulle with light pink ribbon

Tiny Dancer:  white tulle with white ribbon  (I love that song...I listened to it all the
                     time while pregnant with my sweet girl.)

You Are My Sunshine:  light yellow tulle with white ribbon

Sweet Pea:  light pink tulle with mint green ribbon

"Bella" of the Ball:  lavender tulle with light pink ribbon

Miss Priss:  shocking pink tulle with pink ribbon

aDORAble:  shocking pink tulle with purple ribbon

Pretty in Pink:  light pink tulle with hot pink ribbon

Seaside Princess:  aqua (glimmer) tulle with either white or mint green ribbon

Brown-Eyed Girl:  dark brown tulle with pink ribbon

Happy 1st Birthday to my little "Tiny Dancer"tomorrow, July 2! 

   I would like to thank everyone that has purchased Bella Baby products so far.  I hope that you are satisfied, but if you aren't, I will refund your money or exchange your product.  I am here to serve you, so please let me know what products you might like to see offered, or what I can do to make improvements.  (I will be ordering new ribbon often, so let me know what colors you are interested in.  Panther colors and zebra print should be arriving any day!) I hope to add new products and information weekly to this blog, so stay tuned to see what Bella Baby has to offer next!


  1. Leigh Ann, I love everything I see! Maybe Michelle & Ben will be cooperative in getting us a girl to buy these things for. In the meanwhile, I will keep you in mind for baby gifts. Best of luck to you!

    Tammy Hall

  2. Leigh Ann,

    Love the hair bows I purchased the other day. I think you are doing a fantastic job and I am thrilled to be able to purchase something like this is Burkesville! Do you think you could expand - you know, jeans, pants, dresses, just a few shirts - the other things you can't buy in Burkesville? Just joking - but I am really excited to see all that Bella Baby has to offer in the upcoming days!

    Tell Isabella Happy First Birthday from her bff Kynslee!


  3. Leigh Ann, I love all of your products! I am becoming an aunt for the second time in September and this time it's a girl! I definately need to come visit you and purchase some goodies for our little niece, Addison! Happy Birthday, Isabella!!

    Andrea Parson

  4. Thank you all for your nice comments. :)

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